Making Sense of Menopause

Cost £59 per person. Launches Friday 2nd July 10am

Suitable for:

  • non-medical professionals who work with communities of women and want to expand their knowledge so they feel confident in creating a supportive conversation around menopause.
  • women who want to expand their own personal knowledge of Menopause.
  • those wishing to train as a Menopause Doula. This course is Part 1 and completion will be required before starting Part 2, launching in September.

Delivered online and combined with LIVE interactive sessions, this course provides an exciting balance of learning and conversation.

Our easy to follow format allows you to learn at your own pace with the added bonus of expert advice on hand to support you.

Course content:

  • What is menopause?
  • Symptoms and consequences – the psychological and physical changes.
  • Prescribable Treatments.
  • Contraception during perimenopause.
  • The whole person approach (nutrition, movement, lifestyle)
  • The things we are not told about our hormones.

Course format:

  • pre-recorded lessons via a secure online platform, delegates will each have their own access point to the course.
  • Join the first available MONTHLY live welcome session, with Fiona Catchpowle (founder).

next date: Friday 2nd July at 10am

  • Continue the conversation in our Facebook support group to connect with like-minded delegates.
  • Join the first available MONTHLY live Q & A session, with Dr Joanne Hobson.

next date: Wednesday 7th July at 7pm 

  • Continue to access the resources for as long as you want.

All Menopause School doctor-led training will ensure you receive the most up to date, evidence based information, from a British Menopause Society accredited Menopause Specialist and trainer, with over 30 years of supporting women with their health care choices.

We have partnered with Dr Joanne Hobson - MBBS, DRCOG, FRSH. Member of British Menopause Society, Membership of Institute of Psychosexual Medicine.

More than ever before women need a new kind or support when transitioning through menopause.

Currently when huge hormonal shifts such as perimenopause occur women are often left incredibly confused about their health with no clear concise guidelines as to how to navigate this journey independently. This is heart-breaking. We passionately believe that every woman should have access to relevant and meaningful knowledge about their hormone highway in order to make informed health-care choices.

Traditional settings are not reaching women when they need it most. There is an urgent need to create a group of allied menopause care advisors who will develop a supportive environment around menopause management. Enabling women to talk openly about their menopause journey is known to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, and often creates a powerful turning point in their perception too.

Until now non-medical wellness professionals have been unable to receive training that allows them to provide support in a health and well-being setting, with absolute confidence that the education they receive is evidenced based and presented by an appropriate medical professional. Our doctor-led training will fulfil the ambition of many who have wanted to enable and support others, but felt there was no clear guidance on how to act with authenticity and credibility.

Our vision of care, for a modern Menopause, includes the creation of Menopause Doulas.

"The doula’s goal, and role, is to help the client feel safe and comfortable, complementing the role of the healthcare professionals who provide the client’s medical care."

A Menopause School Doula has the necessary skills to create a supportive environment so key conversations can take place. A Menopause Doula is equipped with the skills and knowledge to create the kind of safe space we need to confidently express how we are feeling and also fully aware of when to appropriately direct individuals for additional support. Early intervention and effective menopause management will greatly improve the long term health prospects for women. 

Together we can ease the transition from menstruation to menopause and enable women to thrive in powerful ways, by learning about themselves so they can care for themselves.

Join the menopause evolution today.

7 Modules


This introductory module has 2 videos

1. Welcome - a brief overview 

2. My hormone story - Fiona Catchpowle shares some insight into her personal journey.

Module 1

This module features x4 videos with Dr Joanne Hobson

1. What is menopause?

2. Symptoms

3. Prescribable treatments

4. Contraception during menopause

Module 2

This module features x5 videos with Fiona Catchpowle

1. Hormone basics

2. Nutritional insight

3. The cortisol connection

4. Moving through menopause

5. Therapeutic solutions

Womens Heath Concern fact sheets

Women’s Health Concern (WHC) is the patient arm of the British Menopause Society (BMS). They provide a confidential, independent service to advise, reassure and educate women of all ages about their gynaecological and sexual health, wellbeing and lifestyle concerns.

These fact sheets are available on their website, but I thought it woul dbe useful to have easy access to them here also.

Perimenopause Q & A

Filmed in March 2021, Dr Jo and I talk about the mind body affair that we call menopause.

Modules for this course 7
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